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I am Sarah Cameron

And I'm a Web Designer


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Websites are mature and concise.


Websites are made for your needs.


Websites are of upmost quality.


Websites use newest coding techniques.


Just a few of my websites

A revolution in web design. Just a sample of the best of my web design work. Showcasing the HTML Trifecta as well as things like PHP and Bootstrap. Though these aren't true companies, they reflect important aspects of a website if it were for a real company. The portfolio is always growing so come and check back and see how it has improved.

Zetetic Tech website
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Zetetic Tech

A more recent website I made was a pseudosite for a futuristic technological, biological, and medical company called Zetetic Tech. This site includes multiple pages, images, a form, and icons that utilize many new attributes found in HTML5.

Birds eye travel website
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Bird's Eye Travel

Utilzing bootstrap and more of the grid system of css, I created a webpage for a pseudocompany by the name of Bird's Eye Travel. Though the site contains only a single page, it has multiple windows that can be accessed by the user to read information about certain vacation sites.

Photography website
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Photography Schmhotography

A website utilizing media queries and a side aligned nav and header, this simple pseudo-portofolio website shows the collection of images, talents, and information on the individual, Jenna Sherman. Though it only has one page, it has quick navigation and utilizes the hover highlight abilities of CSS. The website was also made under a strict time schedule which helps to show the quality and speed of my projects.

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(Sketch) An Underground Forest
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David's Room
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Antwone's Fall

Graphics Work

Though this site showcases my websites, I also want to message that I am also avaiable for graphics commisions. I utilize different programs and am able to capture a variety of needs.

A Website

Why buy from me?

Get the clean website you deserve. You should invest in a website made by me for the best experience in website creation. Not only will you get a beatiful and effiecent website, you'll get continuous website mantience to make sure the website continues to support your needs. If you don't believe me, just see some of the customer reviews about my work.