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Buildings in London as the sun sets. A late night in rainy Osaka A quiet montain village
The busy downtown district A red home in the woods A rainy late night on the town
Night life traffic A small and homey cafe Geometric building illusion

About Me


Jenna Sherman

Everyone has a passion and mine happens to be photography. Since I was in highschool and got my hands on my first camera, I've been taking pictures like I needed it to breathe. From people to nature to patterns to architecture, my portfolio in the imaging field is extensive and evergrowing. I've recieved loads of reviews saying my family photography is stellar and my home photography is the bomb. No matter the requirement, I can accomadate. If you follow me on my intstagram and my twitter you will see my contstant photo skills at work. Not only do I do pictures, I also do photo editing, fixing up glares, cleaning splotches, and everything else needed to have the perfect picture for you, of you.


tel: 834 624 8315

Technical Skills



Web Design




How much I charge

  • Basic
  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • 50 Hand-selected Images
  • Mail Support
  • $ 50

  • Pro
  • Photography
  • Photoshop
  • 150 Hand-selected Images
  • Endless Support
  • $ 100

Contact Me

Do you want me to photograph you? Fill out the form and fill me in with the details :) I love meeting new people!

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